We have a large range of fixed and sliding head machines capable of producing simple and complex parts with excellent accuracy, reliability and repeatability, regardless of the quantity ordered.

The interchangeability and excellent overlapping opportunities the machines poses helps us reduce cycle times, which allows us to be flexible and choose precisely the right machine best suited to machine the parts that you require.

The machines all have full c-axis control and power-driven tooling which helps in feature alignment, on/off center drilling/tapping and even engraving possibilities.

Machine Qty Round Diameter (mm) Hexagon (across flats mm)
Star SB12 1 12.7 10
Star SB16 1 16 13.5
Star SR20 II 3 22.2 19
Star SR20J 1 22.2 19
Star SR III 1 22.2 19
Star SR 32J 4 35 30
Nakamura TMC 20 1 42 36
Nakamura WT150 II 1 65 54
Leadwell Vertical Machining Centre 1 (X/Y/Z) 510 x 310 x 510


We have recently invested in a De-burring machine. This allows Vibratory finishing as a technique which will improve the surface of the components manufactured in various materials.