• Are you looking for an engineered solution?

    Are you looking for an engineered solution?

  • Quality Precision Components

    Quality Precision Components

  • ISO9002-2008 Quality standards

    ISO9002-2008 Quality standards

  • Dedicated and Experienced Team

    Dedicated and Experienced Team

  • 30 years of Engineering Excellence

    30 years of Engineering Excellence

Welcome to Quantum


Our sliding head CNC machines are capable of producing components from 1mm to 35mm diameter and up to 1500mm in length, using industry leading machines from Star Micronics GB. The quality of components produced, are to a very high standard, with repeatability second to none.


Our state of the art CNC sliding head machines by Star Micronics incorporate four axis and up to nine live tools on two head stock working spindles. The Nakamura fixed head lathes incorporate sub spindles and live tooling. Such equipment enables even the most complex components to be produced efficiently and economically without the need for secondary operations..


We are accredited with ISO9002-2008 quality standard. You will experience a very professional service from quotation to order and order acknowledgment to final delivery. We run PSL Datatrak as our MRP system, enabling full traceability of products throughout the manufacturing process.

Diverse Materials & Components



Component: Flow Regulator

Material: 2 ½”mm Brass - Grade CZ121

Machined On: Nakamura WT150

Overall Length: 84mm

Finish: Natural

Tolerance: +-0.05



Component: Towing Eye

Material: 1” Stainless Steel - Grade 316

Machined On: Nakamura WT 150

Overall Length: 80.5mm

Finish: Natural

Tolerance: +- 0.05



Component: Element Boss

Material: 2 ½” Aluminium - Grade 6026T9

Machined On: Nakamura WT 150

Overall Length: 54mm

Finish: Natural

Tolerance: +-0.05



Component: Gas Housing Connector Block

Material: Ø34mm Brass - Grade CZ131

Machined On: SR 32 J

Overall Length: 35mm A/F x 16mm A/F

Finish: Linished

Tolerance: +-0.1

Machining Capacity


Our large range of machines encompass a broad range of different capabilities and gives us ability to choose the best machine to make your parts, regardless of size, volume or complexity.

Quantum Precision engineering are committed to consistently deliver quality components on time and within budget.
Jim Simpson - Managing Director

Engineering Excellence

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